About Preston West Primary School

Preston West Primary School is located on Murray Road Preston, in the City of Darebin. While located in a residential area, the school is in close proximity to the Preston Market and High Street shopping precinct. Student enrolments overall have risen dramatically over the past decade, which accounts for the significant expansion of the school's facilities. The main school building is a double storey brick building that was built in 1915. A gymnasium, built in 2010, also accommodates a music room and our Before and After School Care Service. The gymnasium has a surrounding landscaped garden and dry creek river bed. A double storey building, accommodating four classrooms was completed in 2013 and five new buildings were erected in 2016 for students in Grades 4-6. Two galleries were constructed in 2017/18 to establish the Grade 4 and Grade 5 learning communities. Preston West Primary School has a rich history of educational excellence. Serving the community for over 106 years, the school motto coined in 1915, ‘Duty First’, is just as important in today's setting.


Our Philosophy


Our school encourages its students to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. Our core purpose is to provide an inclusive and rigorous learning environment that challenges and engages children to grow as passionate learners. The school seeks to develop motivated, creative and independent learners who demonstrate strong social values and whose leadership, resilience and self esteem is evident when interacting with the community. Students are nurtured in an environment characterised by high and positive expectations with opportunities for participation, leadership, goal setting and problem solving. At Preston West Primary School we actively foster a school culture that is supportive of teachers, parents/carers and students and reflects our values: LEARN






Never Give Up


We are extremely proud of our reputation for providing a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, academic excellence, valuable friendships and catering for each individual. Preston West Primary School is committed to improving the achievements of all students. This is achieved through the provision of a challenging academic program, based on the Victorian Curriculum whilst reflecting worldwide best practice for 21st century learners. Our purpose is to provide a safe, stimulating and supportive environment that develops all students to their full potential - academically, socially and personally. We instil in students a lifelong love of learning. Our strong academic focus is supported by a multitude of extra-curricular activities and programs that provide a well-rounded education. Programs offered include Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Italian, STEAM, English as an Additional Language and Intervention/Support.




Bounce Back (a preventative whole school social and emotional learning curriculum program) is implemented across the school, which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in students, in particular, enabling them to demonstrate resilience when faced with challenges and adversity. In addition, we have a whole school 'Respectful Responsible Learners' approach to further promote our student wellbeing, engagement and academic focus in their learning environment.




Our journey to ensure we are promoting the very best educational opportunities for all our students continues. Building on the rich history that has been paved since 1915, we continue to work collaboratively with families, to create citizens that add great value to the Preston West community and beyond. Parental and community input is seen as a vital component to the success of our school.




Preston West Primary School features a double story classroom block, eight portables, a gymnasium and spacious play areas and gardens. Our buildings provide a great learning environment where students can learn in spacious air-conditioned and heated rooms.


Aditional features of our school include: a Visual Arts Room, Music Room, and Library. The grounds provide a safe and attractive environment with landscaped gardens and exclusive play areas which include 'the dry river bed', the 'amphitheatre' and 'giant turtle'. Preston West also has shaded verandas, a quality oval and large synthetic synthetic soccer field with running track, extensive seating throughout the school grounds, large synthetic grass play areas, basketball court, bat tennis courts and four modern playgrounds for junior and senior students.





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