PREP 2021

Prep Enrolment 2021


The first Prep orientation session is on Wednesday October 28th from 2:10 pm – 3:10 pm and is an introductory session to schooling.

The Prep rooms will be vacant and children will be able to engage in a number of activities to familiarise themselves with the school and Prep setting for 2021.

The second session on Wednesday November 11th from 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm will involve you in an information session where we will give you some basic information on plans for 2021, school operational matters and some hints on supporting your child’s transition to school. This session will be held in the gymnasium. Teachers will supervise your children for this session in the Prep rooms.

The final session on Wednesday November 18th will be from 11:40 am-1:00 pm is a Teddy Bears Picnic where children will meet our special visitor . The children for 2021 will also meet their ‘buddy’ who will be designated to support and care for your child while they settle into Preston West Primary School.

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