2019 documentation now available for interested parents!

Please see the office for a copy of the BYOD information booklet and permission forms.


 School Vision:

'Preston West Primary School is committed to providing a learning environment and educational programs which will motivate, challenge and support students to become lifelong learners...'

If you are interested in having your child join the program then please acquire the iPad BYOD Program, Google Apps for Education and Digital Technologies Agreement consent forms by contacting the school office.

E ducational Purpose:  

  • 'Improve the achievements of all students through the provision of a challenging and engaging academic program based on AusVels and reflecting best practice for 21st century learners.' 
  • 'A focus on high expectations and a differentiated curriculum across the school.' 

Melbourne Declaration 2009

'Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing the ways people share, use, develop and process information and technology. In this digital age, young people need to be highly skilled in the use of ICT.'

'...promote personalised learning that aims to fulfil the diverse capabilities of each young Australian.'

'...are responsible global and local citizens.'  

1:1 Research

Studies of 1:1 programs indicate many positive effects for students. The iPads for Learning website, which incorporates the research from the 'iPads for Learning Trial' by the Victorian Department of Education, has interesting showcases of student learning and archives.

The trial showed that students in a 1:1 program: 

  • write more extensively
  • have increased engagement in learning
  • are more interested in learning
  • focus on improving their performance
  • work collaboratively, as they are more willing to share their work and help each other
  • engage more in self directed learning, 
  • Work can be differentiated for personalised learning styles and ability levels
  • have greater self confidence and self esteem
  • have improved I.C.T. skills
  • Improved problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Are in engaged in more project and challenged based learning work
  • Enjoy learning actively

 The following are more websites with further information and reflections on 1:1 programs.

Project Red is a comprehensive study of 'technology's effect on education in the United States that involved 997 schools across 49 states.You can read the brief report and the key 9 findings at

There is also interesting research from the United States in regards to screen time. It is published by Common Sense Media - a non-profit organization that advocates on child and family issues and studies the effects that media and technology have on young users.The research suggests that screen time has actually dropped in the last few years in all categories from ages 0-8.There has been an increase in mobile device usage, but a drop in all mother screen media including TV, DVD's, computers and video games. For this research go to https://  and the article is titled Zero to Eight:Children's Media Use in America 2013.  

Another series of interesting research articles on Personalised Learning for Global Citizens- Transformation Framework is available at





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