Welcome to the 2018 class blogs!

Please note: This year Preston West Primary has changed the way we maintain class blogs. You will notice that the below links only show for the Junior School (Pre - 2). This is because of a middle and senior school now use student digital portfolio platform, known as SeeSaw.

In short, SeeSaw allows the students in the middle and senior school to maintain their own personal digital portfolio. Teachers will maintain their own class and review, comment on and moderate any work that is uploaded. Parents are able to download the SeeSaw Parent App for free and gain access to their students portfolio. It is from here that you will be able to see any work that your child decides to upload to his/her folio.  

Information about how to connect to your child's SeeSaw folio will be sent home throughout Term 1.


 Feel free to click on any of the classes below to see their blog.

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